6 December 2019

We continue to prepare for the next major update for Cuisine Royale. Before being able to enjoy new content we will release a patch containing a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Shooting and weapon characteristic changes

  • The firing and aiming mechanics on the PC version of the Cuisine Royale has been improved. Now the sight will show more precisely where the bullet will fly to even in recoil or shifted because of character movement.
  • The reload speed of the Gewehr has been increased by 20%.
  • The Enfield now has 6 rounds in a single magazine.
  • The AKM has been rebalanced. Vertical recoil has been increased while horizontal recoil has been reduced.

Abilities and rituals

  • Catalyzed ritual of fast reload now requires 100 sinner’s souls instead of 150. 
  • Normal ritual of fast reload now requires 200 sinner’s souls instead of 300.
  • Smoke grenade trap now requires 30 sinner’s souls instead of 50.
  • While using special abilities, all characters except Ashley can now not use a jetpack. 
  • All characters except Ashley can not eat while using special abilities. Special abilities can also no longer be activated in water.

Graphic and interface

  • An animation when using mystical signs has been added. 
  • Visibility inside the dark zone has been improved.
  • A player can now see tracers from bullets fired by him. It will help in understanding ballistics for weapons better. Opponents will still be able to see only tracers from weapons that actually have it in Reality.
  • The status of a player that hasn’t left the previous battle yet will now be shown in squads. The team leader will be asked to wait for the missing squad member before entering a new battle.
  • Now you can mark vehicles for squad members.
  • The appearance of “contact shadows” far from the center of the map has been improved.
  • Blurring of the weapon parts that are out of focus during aiming has been improved.
  • The appearance of trees that are distant from the player has been improved.
  • Viewer (spectator) mode has been improved. Now the observer will see more information about the character: the amount of health and sinner's souls, equipment and other indicators. 
  • A hint regarding the possibility of enabling a unique ability has been added.
  • Highlighting of the lines in the options menu will now appear in the same way as they do in the control options.
  • A hint regarding the impossibility of putting a sign on an uneven surface has been added.
  • An animation when switching pages in the leaderboard in the interface has been added.
  • The total weight of the equipment carried will now be shown in the inventory. Weight affects the speed of the character!
  • A hint regarding the turning off of jetpacks has been added.


  • More background sounds that are geo referenced have been added. Now the cuckoo will sing in the forest and the wind can be heard blowing across a field.
  • Sounds for hitting vehicles have been improved.
  • The Boombox sound will now spread taking obstacles into account more. For example it will be heard less behind a wall.
  • The volume of the online radio in the boombox has been reduced.

Other changes

  • Vehicle engines will now break when entering deep water.
  • Broken vehicle engine now creates smoke.
  • In normal movement, jetpack fuel will now not be wasted. The Jetpack can be activated by pressing twice or holding the jump button.
  • New daily tasks to catch enemies in various traps have been added.
  • The rules for rating calculation for duo and squad game modes have been changed. Now playing in duo/squad mode the rating of the place taken by the team will be taken into account and not the individual rating of each player.
  • Looting of perks is changed so that they rotate in the inventory, moving between slots. This should make looting perks more comfortable during the battle.

Bugs fixed 

  • Possibility of eating and beating with buttstock at the same time has been fixed.
  • The behavior of the character when contacting walls has been improved. Now there will be less sticking and jerking in the motion.
  • A situation where damage from melee weapons could be inflicted on an already defeated enemy if he was between you and the next enemy has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused global illumination being switched off after rebooting the GPU driver has been fixed.
  • A bug where the battle might unexpectedly end when the player that joined first is killed has been fixed.
  • A bug where it wasn’t possible to exit water has been fixed. Also the physics of the character’s behaviour in water has been improved.
  • A bug where the slider in the menu reacted to the mouse wheel has been fixed.
  • For the Mosin rifle, the overlapping of the rounds icon and the number of rounds has been fixed.
  • The disappearance of tracers from ammunition flying vertically upwards has been fixed.
  • A bug where the sound of the brown note remains in the game menu after exiting a battle has been fixed.
  • A bug where invites to the team (duo or squad) do not get to users that were offline at that time has been fixed.
  • The vertical angle of view of the player’s camera has been reduced so that the camera can not fall into the model of the character. 
  • The briefing at the beginning of the battle has been optimized for different screen resolutions.
  • Network traffic has been optimized.
  • Fixed incorrect hit registration for Annie while shooting in the bullet time mode at moving targets.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Cuisine Royale is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.