Cuisine Royale major update ‘Black Sun’ Update
26 February 2020
We are pleased to present the major update “Black Sun” for Cuisine Royale. You already know about new rituals and weapons, tasks and rating model. And here is the top story - new Champion will join the fight in our brutal survival games. So, meet Valentine ‘Viper’ Chase.
Updates Update
9 April 2020
New damage model and various improvements.
Update XBOX - Update XBOX
2 April 2020
The iron sight on mounted machine guns will now aim correctly. Added button “Support” to the main menu. This generates a personal QR code, allowing you to scan it to a smartphone and conveniently access our support. Champion is now located in the middle of the main screen.
First public playtest of Enlisted Enlisted
1 April 2020
Soldier! Today we start the first public play test in the history of Enlisted.
Update Update
31 March 2020
The iron sight on mounted machine guns will now aim correctly.
Update Update
25 March 2020
Added option to move scope to inventory by pressing the right mouse button. When you receive an invitation to the squad, you now get a pop-up where you can accept or decline that invitation. Improved design of message window. Added link ‘Forgotten password?’ to the authorization window. Champion is now located in the middle of the main screen.
Update PS4 - Update
24 March 2020
Fixed possibility to swim into roots of a big tree in Mexico.
Update Update
24 March 2020
Aim parallax is reduced, so it's easier to aim and shoot now and more consistent with familiar aim mechanics.
Stay home and survive safely! News
20 March 2020
Survivors! From now on, you will have the ability to unlock items at a much faster rate. For 30 days until 20 April, you will receive a +50% XP bonus for all battles played. Now, after receiving the 60th reward from the reward tree, you will start receiving additional smaller rewards in royal bucks for all extra challenges completed. All players who already completed extra challenges will receive all earned extra rewards at once. From now on, you will receive two daily challenges instead of one. You can still only have no more than three unfinished challenges in the list at any given time.
Update (XBOX - Update
20 March 2020
Improved design of the first time Champion selection window. Improved design of the Story Book window. Added a seasonal poster. Enemy mark for teammates (set through sight view) now blinks for better visibility. Fixes
Update Update
17 March 2020
Fixed a bug which some times caused disappearing image when targeting through scope and leaning downwards.
Update XBOX - XBOX
12 March 2020
Cuisine Royale on Xbox now with Ray Traced Global Illumination!
Update Update
11 March 2020
A bug which could cause Valentine to get stuck in objects while using ‘Flickering Step’ has been fixed. A bug which could allow Valentine to dash from water high into the air and fall to the death, has been fixed. A bug which could cause the flames of a falling orbital fridge to be too bright has been fixed. Voice chat should now work properly. If you continue to face any issues, please report it in our official Discord channel.
Update PS4 - ‘Black Sun’ PS4
5 March 2020
We are pleased to present the major update “Black Sun” for PS4! So, meet Valentine ‘Viper’ Chase.
Update Update
5 March 2020
The heart of your teammates will be now picked up to your inventory without taking into account the weight of it (the heart) even if your inventory is full. A bug where using the linked portal trap created no sound of portal activation and exiting from it has been fixed. A bug where there were no sounds when activating zombie and grenade traps (smoke and HE grenades) has been fixed. A bug where in some cases the magazine disappeared when unloading weapons has been fixed.
Server update 04.03.2020 Update
4 March 2020
Lowered prices in Royal Bucks for unlocks in the Workshop. For items and signs added to the tree before the ‘Age of Nagual’ update, they are lowered by 50% in total, for items and signs introduced in the ‘Age of Nagual’ update, lowered by 25% in total. Maximum player level increased to 300.