Answers from the devs

16 June 2020

Greetings, fighters! Together with the awesome Cuisine Royale meme group in VK, we’ve prepared a collection of answers from the dev team to some popular questions about the game!

Q. Do you plan on introducing replay functionality for us to watch dubious moments, and create footage and video on our own? 

We have the replay system within the dev team to catch bugs and create videos. Currently, only the technical part is ready, we’ve got to evaluate its performance, media to deliver replays to players, and create a comfortable user interface. As far as the replay system is not #1 priority in the project, so we can't promise it will be ready to deploy any time soon.

Q. Do you unquestioningly trust your anti-cheat system or not? How do you see the problem of cheaters in general, if any at all? 

We have introduced the Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) service into the game, which is known as a fairly reliable countermeasure against prohibited modifications. EAC is widely used by a number of big gamedev companies. Alongside this, we’re fighting modifications on our side too, making our games in a way where any mods won’t give any significant advantages. Aside from EAC, we use a heuristic system to watch any suspicious behavior in players. At the moment’ we’re working on a system to identify suspicious players much faster, and able to ban them, if needed. 

There are no online competitive games for which dishonorable people would not try to create modifications. We combat them quite effectively.

Q. Do you plan to introduce cheat reporting directly into the game, not via the anti-cheat website? 

It’s already there! It allows EAC specialists to react quickly to dishonorable players.

If you’ve been killed by a player you consider suspicious, simply click on their nickname in the battle statistics window, then describe your complaint briefly. All complaints are sent to EAC. We work together with EAC specialists, helping to detect new cheats, and the report function is very helpful here.

Q. Is the development team growing? How many people are working on the project? Is there enough human resource for further development?

The development team is quite stable, but we are gradually accepting new employees on board. We use external studios to produce content, which allows our artists to scale production easily at the right time.

Q. Are there any plans to make the system of weapon customization and modification more complex? For example, adding mounts, various module research, customizing the appearance of weapons, etc.

There are no such plans in the near future. When we return to weapon customization, we will first deal with those weapon modifications that can affect the game most noticeably.

Q. Will it be possible to see new modes in Cuisine Royale,apart from battle royale? What modes might there be?

At the moment, we have no clear plans to go beyond battle royale. But in the long-term plans, we have a gaming mode that we would like to try in the future to increase diversity - events. In this mode, we will change the rules of the game, creating a more unique player experience. For example, an event in which only one type of weapon can be found; an event in which the zone goes very slowly, but immediately to the final point; an event where all artifacts are two times stronger or weaker, or a night event. This way we can test different mechanics and give players additional challenges.

Q. Given that the vast majority of weapons are added to the game as a result of the development of these weapons for Enlisted, will new models of post-WWII weapons, that will not appear in Enlisted, be added to Cuisine Royale?

Of course. We’ve already added many modern weapons to Cuisine Royale, the most powerful of which, for balance reasons, can be found in orbital and tactical fridges. The AKM, MP5, M4A1, and similar firearms are already in the game, and there are going to be more.

Q. Will you add multiplayer Practice mode to train skills and test weapons together with friends?

Such a feature isn’t planned. 

Q. Will there be a feature to create private rooms for an adjustable number of players?

The possibility of adding such a feature was discussed, but we would not want this to be just another way to go into battle. In our opinion, the main goal of private rooms is custom rules and the ability to train. But at the moment we don’t plan development of such features

Q. Will there be an opportunity to purchase something for a relatively small (residual) amount of dollars or crowns?

We try to add very cheap products, but expanding the store to infinity is impossible for technical reasons. For example, on Steam the quantity of simultaneously available goods is strictly limited. So we do an in game store to simplify the choice.

Q. Any plans to add clans/guilds?

No such plans yet.

Q. Will the mechanics of self-expression be more diverse? Besides gestures, the introduction of personal graffiti maybe?

There are no plans to develop personal graffiti currently.

Q. How close is the relationship between Cuisine Royale and Enlisted? Will Cuisine Royale continue to exist after the release of Enlisted, as an independent project?

It is us who are involved in the development of both of these projects, and very closely. :)

Cuisine Royale is created on the Dagor Engine - the same engine on which Enlisted is developed. Moreover, both projects are combined in a large amount of common code, content and data. New technologies, like global illumination, are often the first to get to Cuisine Royale, where, based on your feedback, they are tested and refined. Also, from reviews of the Enlisted open and closed playtests, many things are being finalized and will end up in Cuisine Royale.

Cuisine Royale will definitely continue to exist and develop as an independent project with new content designed specifically for it.

Q. Do you play this game yourself or do you prefer to be involved only in development, relying on the feedback of players?

Yes, many developers and CM’s involved in the project have played hundreds of hours in Cuisine Royale. We often play in the evenings after work, but after each major content update or balance change, we significantly increase the number of hours played in order to feel the changes better,  and the way they affect the players, and the course of the battle. It is impossible to make such a wonderful game and not to play it. :)