“Heaven's Wrath” arrives in Cuisine Royale Update
6 May 2020
Cuisine Royale is pleased to present you with a new major which has rightly been named “Heaven's Wrath, and we are excited to now reveal to you the cool features and novelties that have been added to the game!
Update Update
17 December 2018
Characters will now eat responsibly. Machete moved to the free lineup. Machete now deals more damage than a knife, but less than an axe.
Update Update
13 December 2018
A bug where in spectator mode the red screen didn’t couldn't be turned off has been fixed; bug with “desynced” players that occasionally could be seen on the battlefield has hopefully been corrected.
Update Update
29 November 2018
Hollows are back for your food!
Update Update
25 November 2018
A bug when a character within a vehicle was invulnerable has been fixed. A bug that caused a crash while making a screenshot in the login menu has been fixed. Network traffic has been reduced.
Update Update
22 November 2018
Game performance has been improved; Posters and maps have been added to the sides of bins....
Update Update
20 November 2018
A few crashes have been fixed. Packet loss icon image has been fixed.
Update Update
7 November 2018
Character parkour skills have been improved. It is now easier to climb over obstacles. Character movement inertia has been reduced.
Update Update
6 November 2018
Thanks to everyone who took part in our Halloween event. With this update, the following changes have been made...
Update (updated 03.11.2018) Update
31 October 2018
There are some “Hollows” in the game - these are killed players who turn into zombies. They are trying to kill you and they are not to stop, even by closed doors!
Update Update
29 October 2018
What kind of cook does not like funny cooking? So let's have some fun! Let's prepare a holiday together!
Update Update
17 October 2018
Today we’re presenting you with a few more improvements to the game.
Update and Update
15 October 2018
Recently there were two small updates. So what has been changed?
Update Update
10 October 2018
Visual detailing on many objects has been improved. Now the clothes, doors, walls, stones and other objects looks even better.
Update Update
6 October 2018
We have just released an update with numerous changes that will make the game even better.
Update Update
3 October 2018
A few more changes that have improved the interface of the game.