Cuisine Royale major update ‘Black Sun’ Update
26 February 2020
We are pleased to present the major update “Black Sun” for Cuisine Royale. You already know about new rituals and weapons, tasks and rating model. And here is the top story - new Champion will join the fight in our brutal survival games. So, meet Valentine ‘Viper’ Chase.
Update Update
23 December 2019
Fixed a bug that caused the display of the current league requirements instead of the amount of rating required to enter the next league. Added hints about revival. Now when you or your squad member dies, hints are displayed to inform both the dead player and their living teammates about option to revive / be revived. Snow effects are optimized. Fixed a bug where the cursor might keep moving after gamepad plug in (with deadzone set to 20%).
Update Update
20 December 2019
Added “Streamer boombox mode” which can be switched on in the “sound” settings. It replaces music from any boombox in the battle with “Techno dinner” and changes also music in the lobby. This will allow streamers to avoid monetization issues and copyright claims.
Update Update
18 December 2019
Changes in Eric’s ability ‘Thunderstrike’: Heart of a teammate drops separately from other loot for more convenient looting in a rush. Fixed some game crashes when the squad is being set to ready state for battle.
Release update of Cuisine Royale for Xbox and PS4 Update
18 December 2019
Friends, brutal realistic last-man-standing shooter with mystic elements Cuisine Royale is now available on Xbox and PS4 consoles!
Update Update
18 December 2019
Interface, controls, other improvements and changes.
Update Update
13 December 2019
Loading screens when loading into a battle have been added, replacing the previous ‘sky’ animation. A yellow marker, which marks when an enemy has been downed/is bleeding out, has been added. The amount of time that the ‘heart’ icon showing the location of downed squadmates is visible has been changed from 20 to 120 seconds. Shadows have been improved.
Cuisine Royale Release: Path to Valhalla Update
12 December 2019
Today our brutal and mystical last-man-standing shooter is finally released, ending the beta stage! We’ve already told you about the new items arriving, the new version of the Normandy map, the arrival of tactical medicine and the new resurrection system coming with the release, but there’s more!
Winter has come Development
9 December 2019
Winter has come to Normandy, and from now on, you will have to adapt your survival skills to make it through the snow. The once familiar landscape has changed, and it won’t be as easy to conceal yourself on the snowy surface.
Update Update
6 December 2019
We continue to prepare for the next major update for Cuisine Royale. Before being able to enjoy new content we will release a patch containing a lot of bug fixes and improvements.
Modern weaponry and new mystic seals in Cuisine Royale Development
3 December 2019
Soon our brutal online last-man-standing shooter will get a new content update and today we would like to present some of it: new weapons and items that will be introduced.
Cuisine Royale is now available for everyone on PS4 News
3 December 2019
Good news for PlayStation 4 players. Everyone can now play Cuisine Royale for free and PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive additional bonuses in the game.
Update Update
25 November 2019
A bug has been fixed where squad members could spawn at extended distances from each other.
Cuisine Royale now on Playstation 4! News
19 November 2019
After a considerable amount of hard work, we are now pleased to announce that Cuisine Royal, the brutal multiplayer last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry, mystic traps and demonic rituals, is coming to PlayStation® 4, ready to be tested and played from the 19th of November!
Update Update
18 November 2019
The chances of starting the game in dusk or dawn twilight has been decreased. Improved character control with bad connection. Added warning if connection is being disrupted.
Partnership Program News
13 November 2019
It’s time to cook up a little something special for our Youtube and Twitch fans! Today, we are opening the Cuisine Royale Partnership Program for all those crazy and funky creators that want to feature our game and get a small bonus for their effort.